Qualification groups in electrical safety

An electrical safety qualification group is acquired or confirmed as per the Regulations for safety and health at work on electrical installations with voltage up to 1000.

There are five electrical safety qualification groups. A certificate for an acquired group is issued for a period of 2 years, after the expiration of which it is necessary to confirm the qualification group or to acquire a higher one, if there is such a possibility.

The participation fee includes: presentations, support materials, personal consultations and issuance of a document for successful completion of training.

Price for face-to-face training: 50.00 leva


After each training we issue a document - a certificate for successful completion of training, which is included in the training fee. The documents issued by STS Engineering are valid before all state and municipal institutions and services, including: the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, the General Labor Inspectorate, investors and contracting authorities.