Occupational medicine

Occupational medicine is an area of medicine focused on protecting the health of employees through health consultations of employers and workers, ensuring and maintaining a safe workplace and the highest possible standards of health at work.

The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria obliges every employer to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for employees by applying the necessary measures, such as:

  • Prevention of occupational risks
  • Providing information and training
  • Providing the necessary organization and resources

According to Article 25 (1) and (2) of the Health and Safety at Work Act, employers are obliged to provide services to employees, regardless of their number, by the Occupational Health Service (OHS). OHS advises and assists employers, committees and groups on wokring conditions in planning and organizing activities on:

  • Ensuring and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions;
  • Strengthening the health and working capacity of the employees in connection with their work;
  • Adapting the work to the capabilities of the employees, taking into account their mental and physical health.

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