Risk management program

After the risk assessment, the logical next step is to draw up a program with measures to reduce and limit the existing risk. The program may be different for each company, but in general it contains the recommended measures of risk assessment, mandatory annual health and safety activities and planned activities related to improving / maintaining the working environment and improving the skills of the employees.

Apart from the fact that this step is logical, it is also normatively set: Ordinance No 5 Of 11 May 1999 on the Procedure, Manner and Frequency of Carrying Out Risk Assessment states that the employer must not only plan and implement appropriate risk prevention measures, but also to prioritize risk prevention, reduction and mitigation measures, taking into account the identified risk, the causes of hazards, alternative solutions, incl. the novelties on the respective problems, the feasibility of the decisions and the possibility for investments. Art. 20, para. 3. item 10 of the same ordinance states that we must also have the deadlines and the persons responsible for risk control in writing, as well as the ways of control of the implementation of these measures.

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