Prophylactic medical examinations

Профилактични прегледи
What are the obligations of the employer regarding the prophylactic medical examinations?

The main normative act, which determines the type and periodicity of the medical examinations and examinations provided by the employer, is Ordinance No. 3 of 28.02.1987 on the obligatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations of the workers, promulgated, SG, iss. 16 of 27.02.1987, last amended and add., no. 78 of 30.09.2005. Ordinance № 7 of 15 August 2005 on the minimum requirements for ensuring healthy and safe working conditions when working with video displays determines the procedure for conducting standard ophthalmic examinations of workers whose activity is related to high nervous sensory load when working with video displays. .

In accordance with the normative acts for ensuring health and safety at work and on the basis of the risk assessment and the specific working conditions, the occupational medicine services offer the following:

  1. List of professions and positions in which employees are subject to mandatory periodic medical examinations and tests;
  2. The type of medical specialists performing the examinations and the necessary tests;
  3. The frequency of periodic medical examinations and tests.

In addition to these mandatory activities, we can organize prophylactic examinations at preferential prices in the medical centers we work with. After the prophylactic examinations, a health file is prepared for each employee, and the company-employer receives an analysis about the health condition of the employees, prepared by our occupational health physician.

The analyzes, which we prepare on the basis of the conducted examinations, the results of measurements of the parameters of the working environment, occupational diseases and general morbidity of the staff, give the employer an overall idea of the risk management and the necessary measures for its prevention.