OSH rules and instructions

According to Art. 277 of the Labor Code and the Health and Safety at Work Act, the rules (instructions, guidelines for good practice, manuals, etc.) on safety and health at work are internal company documents with which the employer sets rules for safe and healthy carrying out of a specific type of work and the operation of work equipment for the respective type of activity. The rules must determine specific requirements for OSH, which are met in the organization of work, operation of work equipment, applied technologies, as well as the behavior of workers while performing the relevant type of work. This is one of the obligations of the employer to ensure safety and health at work and applies to all enterprises and places where work is carried out.

We can provide you with free templates for some rules and instructions, however, it should be noted that they must be edited in accordance with the specific jobs for which you want to apply them. Kindly note that all following templates are in Bulgarian.


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We can prepare specific instructions for the safe operation of your company or advise you on all matters regarding safe working conditions.