First Aid Training

The workplace first aid training course is intended for workers and employees from production enterprises and companies, as well as institutions and departments. It is also suitable for: fire safety officials, OSH reps and persons conducting fire safety instructions.

The reason for conducting this training is art. 20, para. 1, item 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, which states that: “In order to prevent harmful consequences in the event of force mageure and compliant with the specificity of activity and scale of enterprise, the employer shall: 1. (amended, SG No. 88/2010, effective 1.01.2011) organise actions to eliminate the danger, provide first aid, fire safety and conditions for evacuation of workers, and for contacts with the emergency medical service and fire safety and protection of the population structural units; 2. (amended, SG No. 40/2007) designate working persons who shall implement the measures for the elimination of danger, providing first aid, fighting fires and evacuation of working persons, whereby the number of such designated working persons, their training and the equipment provided to them shall comply with the specific risks and scale of the enterprise.”

The participation fee includes: presentations, support materials, personal consultations and issuance of a document for successful completion of training.


After each training we issue a document - a certificate for successful completion of training, which is included in the training fee. The documents issued by STS Engineering are valid before all state and municipal institutions and services, including: the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, the General Labor Inspectorate, investors and contracting authorities.