Training on safety and health at work is conducted for:

  • representatives who lead and manage the labor processes;
  • occupational safety and health reps;
  • persons who conduct the instructions on safety and health at work.

The purpose of this training is to acquaint the participants with the requirements for them, regulated by the Health and Safety at Work Act and Ordinance No RD-07-2 of 16.12.2009 on the terms and procedure for conducting periodic training and instruction to employees on the rules to ensure safe and healthy working conditions and to assist them in creating a company policy for prevention, which covers the organization of work, technology, workplaces, equipment and involving all participants in the work activity.

After the training, the participants gain practical knowledge for coordinating the activities of analysis, assessment, prevention and risk management as the most effective way to create safe working conditions.

The participation fee includes: presentations, support materials, personal consultations and issuance of a document for successful completion of training.

Price: 100.00 leva


After each training we issue a document - a certificate for successful completion of training, which is included in the training fee. The documents issued by STS Engineering are valid before all state and municipal institutions and services, including: the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, the General Labor Inspectorate, investors and contracting authorities.